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Weekly Pickup: $25 / Month
Bi Weekly Pickup: $15 / Month

10% Discount for 6 Month Commitment


  1. If your zip code falls in our service area, we deliver a 5-gallon bucket, compostable liner, and secure lid to your door;

  2. Fill the bucket with your food scraps, leftovers, or grandma’s week-old casserole, It doesn’t matter if it’s cooked, raw, wet or dry. (Click here for a list of acceptable items to include in bucket);

  3. On your pickup day, you’ll leave the bucket outside your door and we’ll swap it out for a new one (don’t worry, we send a text or email reminder the night before and there’s no need to be home for pickups);


Enter your address below to see if you fall in our service area and sign up for service.  A secure payment form will then be emailed to you to complete your subscription. If we’re not yet servicing your neighborhood, send us a service request on our contact page!

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