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Holding Soil



We are a small family business in Summerfield, NC who are dedicated to diverting food waste from the landfill and returning nutrients back to the soil! In 2019, we decided as a family to start composting our food scraps. What started as a fun thing to do as a family has turned into a passion to help our environment and create lasting change.


In Guilford County there are 280,000 tons of food waste sent to the landfill every year. At our current disposal rates the North Carolina landfills will be completely full in 29 years (2051) leading to destructive waste incineration. When food waste is trapped inside of a landfill it creates methane that warms the air 21 times more than CO2. When food is composted there is no methane produced and instead generates heat and creates soil. We are also facing constant soil depletion that robs our food of nutrients and causes mass flooding. By diverting your food waste away from the landfill and using it to create healthy new living soil you will change the future.

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